GE’s TM2500 solution offers fast,
mobile and flexible power.

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Customer Stories

GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power portfolio of innovative solutions gives businesses and communities around the world the ability to generate reliable and efficient power at or near the point of use, at anytime—on the grid or off it. Our product portfolio features aeroderivative gas turbines, Jenbacher gas engines, and Waukesha gas engines ranging from 100 kW-100 MW.

Distributed Power provides a wide range of customers from industrial businesses and developing communities to government agencies managing disaster relief and other emergency power situations— with the ability to generate reliable, sustainable power whenever and wherever it is needed.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Distributed Power employs more than 5,000 people around the world.

Read more about how Distributed Power solutions solve some of the most pressing power needs in our customers stories section. Several research and experiments are also taking place to incorporate blockchain technology and distributed ledger into power solutions. Therefore, crypto coins may become a part of the power supply in the future. To make the best use of trading, try using trading robots. Visit to learn more about these trading robots.