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Fast, Seamless Installation for Temporary Power

TM2500 gas turbine restores oil refinery power in short order Case Study – Challenge In September 2005, the Valero Energy Corporation experienced its first shutdown in decades when Hurricane Rita’s 125-mph winds and 8-foot storm surge left much of the plant under 2 feet of water.

Providing Power in the Most Challenging Situations

GE’s Waukesha 275GL+ gas engines provide power in the most challenging situations Case Study - Challenge To meet increasing regional and global demands for natural gas, TgP (Transportadora de Gas del Peru SA) is expanding its reach deep in the jungles of Peru.

Growing Greener Tomatoes

CHP greenhouse project diverts waste CO2 for plant production and is nearly 100 percent efficient Case Study – Challenge Houweling’s Tomatoes, a leading North American greenhouse grower with a strong environmental record, sought an ultra-efficient, combined heat-and-power system for its 125-acre greenhouses in Camarillo, California, that would generate flexible power for the local utility and establish one of the lowest carbon dioxide (CO2)-emissions and water-usage levels of any similarly sized power plant in the region.