GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power portfolio of innovative solutions gives businesses and communities around the world the ability to generate reliable and efficient power at or near the point of use, anytime – on the grid or off.

Distributed Power provides customers of all types—including industrial businesses, developing communities, government agencies managing disaster relief and other emergency power situations ...

... the ability to generate reliable, sustainable power whenever and wherever it is needed.

Agricultural & Food Processing

Keep up the pace using organic waste These days everyone is talking about sustainable energy.

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Take a new direction with combined heat and power It’s a simple idea: if you can’t get to the power source, bring the power source to where you need it, onsite.

Fast Power & Resiliency

Respond with agility and reliability When energy demand is highest during emergencies or periods of intense growth, an alternative power source provides the stability to maintain your operations.


Energy, it’s in our nature GE’s Distributed Power products are fueling life itself, in greenhouses growing food and other plants.

IPP & Utilities

Efficient, reliable power is fundamental to growth Electric power is a fundamental necessity for all independent power producers, utility companies, manufacturers, municipalities, and industrial operations like chemical and textile producers.

Landfills & Wastewater Treatment

Waste not, want not — turn your waste into energy In our increasingly populated world, waste is unavoidable.


Making coal mining cleanerThey are a big win for the coal mine industry.

Oil & Gas

Overcome industry challenges In today’s ever-changing landscape of oil and natural gas operations, economic efficiency and environmental protection are paramount.


Chemistry is a fact of life.