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Energy, it’s in our nature

GE’s Distributed Power products are fueling life itself, in greenhouses growing food and other plants. The benefits of cogeneration for greenhouses go well beyond heating and lighting. Implementing combined heat and power (CHP) systems with aeroderivative gas turbines or Jenbacher gas engines, you can efficiently power greenhouses and use the CO2 engine exhaust to fertilize the plants—a truly green solution. You can even earn additional revenue by routing excess power to the local utility grid.


  • Reduce operating costs by implementing a combined heat and power system
  • Earn additional revenue supplying excess power to the public utility grid
  • Capture engine exhaust CO2 and use it as high-quality plant fertilizer
  • Store CO2 and heat for a time-independent supply
  • Minimize footprint with compact design
  • Yield overall efficiency as high as 95%