Cogen Issue 4 2010 Type : Document Directory : Customer Magazine

Amongst other things, in this issue we have a report on the specific investments by means of which GE’s gas engines is gearing up to face the challenges of the future even in economically uncertain times - and therewith strengthening Jenbach as a location. For example, the Overhaul Technology Center has been completely revamped in order
to meet the tremendous demand for general overhaul work. “Supreme quality coupled with
short delivery times” is a wish expressed by many of our customers. Our response to this is the world’s first gas engine plant assembly line based on the production line principle, which was opened last fall at our production facility in Jenbach. The newly improved Version B of the type 4 engine is yet another example of our technological progress in the service of our customers and the latest result of the continuous improvement of Jenbacher gas engines. Besides a significant increase in power output and efficiency,
this engine scores with its low emissions, and also saves customers hard cash thanks to
its reduced operating costs. Our regional focus in this issue is on a continent where GDP is currently growing almost twice as fast as in the rest of the world: South America. The soaring demand for electricity that accompanies this development coupled with growing environmental and climate awareness poses a huge challenge.

The fact that GE has attractive solutions to offer is demonstrated, for instance, by our latest large-scale project in Manaus, the second largest city in Northern Brazil, where 46 Jenbacher generating sets will produce 120 MW of electricity.

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