Cogen Issue 7 2013 Type : Document Directory : Customer Magazine

We have devoted much of this issue to the challenges facing the 27 nations that comprise the European Union – challenges that are reflected around the world. GE’s technologies are supporting the EU’s 20/20/20 initiative as we provide companies and utilities there with an in-depth portfolio of products and solutions.

In this edition, we take a look at combined heat and power (CHP) with heat storage plants, and how Germany in particular is backing this technology. You’ll also learn about our contributions to grid stability, and how in Germany and France, energy suppliers must begin to guarantee that fluctuations in the national grid do not affect the performance of power generating plants. Italy, too, faces significant energy generation challenges as it begins to shift its energy production away from traditional sources to focus on alternative
and renewable energy.

Also in this issue, we highlight the work of one of our service technicians, Dirk Schmelcher, who understands the demands of plant operators – reliability, efficiency and minimal downtime. Dirk and his colleagues know exactly what is needed to carry out a major overhaul and get an engine back into operation in record time – as was recently the case with the Jenbacher combined heat and power plant at Nürtingen’s public utility

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