Cogen Issue 3 2009 Type : Document Directory : Customer Magazine

The development of the world economic situation has us all waiting with bated
breath, and it is still not clear what the situation will be in the short term. Nevertheless, from the point of view of the gas engine industry, we are cautiously optimistic, since the business foundaments are strong and we can see that worldwide demand for flexible, decentralized energy solutions will continue to be high in the medium to long term.
We should therefore like to use this latest issue of CoJen to tell you more about interesting
technical developments and worldwide trends in the gas engine industry. A new version of the series 6 engines – developed in Jenbach and now available in series production – offers increased efficiency and power output, and hence greater profitability for the plant. Besides, there is naturally news about the J624 – the world’s first 24-cylinder gas engine.

Also in this issue, we examine the latest trends in the energy industry, and have also been fortunate enough to obtain some interesting guest contributors on the subjects of combined heat and power and “smart grid”, a particularly relevant concept for intelligent, demand-oriented electricity networks. In this issue of CoJen, we also introduce one of our international distributors – Clarke Energy, who has notched up impressive successes in fourteen years as Jenbacher distributor. In the Regional Special, this time we analyze the interesting region of Southeast Asia, where the expansion of the electricity grid has
become a real driver of economic growth. In the Service focus of the magazine we take a
look at our new “Lifetime Services Plus” concept with active life-cycle management for our

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