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This issue of cogen coincides with the launch of the Waukesha* 275GL+ natural gas engine as an ecomagination qualified product. On launch day, September 20, 2011, we are at the Waukesha, Wisconsin, factory for a comprehensive presentation on the 275GL+ – including a hands-on view of the latest 12- and 16-cylinder models – to demonstrate their effectiveness for our oil and gas industry customers.
The high-performance, cleaner-burning 275GL+ is one of the Waukesha compression technologies that have enhanced our newly integrated gas engines portfolio, which includes Jenbacher gas engines, Waukesha gas engines, and Heat Recovery Solutions. Our business is focused on providing innovative and reliable solutions in power generation, gas compression and waste heat to power to our diverse customers throughout North America, from small towns like Auburn, New York, to major metropolitan cities like San Diego, California.
These solutions operate on a broad range of fuel gases, including low-quality waste gases, and in many applications, from natural gas processing stations to dairy farms. In North America, and elsewhere, the fuel-flexible, highly efficient Jenbacher gas engines
product line’s synergies with the low emissions and reliability features of the Waukesha gas engines line create more solutions for the petrochemical, mining and manufacturing sectors. Our Heat Recovery Solutions portfolio meets the needs of our gas engines
customers involved in renewable energy who are converting waste heat to power in smaller-scale output applications.
Due to the regulatory push at the state and national levels in the U.S. for more efficient technologies that have minimal environmental impact, North America is in an excellent position to take advantage of the gas engines portfolio that GE offers.
Federal policy, in particular, is providing financial incentives for innovations like the Clean Cycle* system that recover waste heat from natural gas and biogas applications. Additionally, many regions are offering incentives for customers to install cogeneration applications. Gas engines and waste heat recovery are a critical part of our strategy at GE to lead the global trend of maximizing energy production while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

* Trademark of the General Electric Company

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