GE’s Distributed Power Launches New Gas Compression Power Packager Program.

WAUKESHA, WIS.—January 5, 2015—GE’s Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE) has launched the new Gas Compression Power Packager program, designed to provide customers in gas compression applications with enhanced access to genuine Waukesha parts and skilled service technicians.  

The program increases the opportunity for end users to access expert Waukesha gas engine technicians in growing oil and gas spaces around the world through increased factory training to participating packaging companies. End users in these spaces also can benefit from lower engine life cycle costs through increased access to trusted, genuine Waukesha parts. Finally, at the Platinum level, the program permits qualified gas compression packagers to purchase genuine Waukesha parts and services directly from GE.

“With developments in the oil and gas sector driving demand for more genuine Waukesha products and customers requiring increased access to expert field technicians in their growing—and often very remote operations—we listened to our customers’ needs to create more service density and genuine product access by establishing our new Gas Compression Power Packager Program,” said Darryl Wilson, chief commercial officer for GE’s Distributed Power.

The global gas compression packaging company Enerflex Ltd. (TSX: EFX), headquartered in Calgary, has signed on to become the first participant in the Gas Compression Power Packager Program. Enerflex has transitioned its Waukesha distributor relationship in four regions (Canada, the Northern United States, Australia and Indonesia) to the new Power Packager Program.Enerflex will continue to serve as the authorized distributor and service provider for GE’s Jenbacher gas engines in Canada, under its Gas Drive Global brand. 

“Enerflex has been a long-standing Waukesha distributor for over 45 years. Since GE’s acquisition of Waukesha gas engines in 2011, Enerflex has worked closely with GE to evolve our relationship in the gas compression business,” said J. Blair Goertzen, Enerflex’s president and chief executive officer. “We are pleased that we have reached an agreement to enter into GE’s global Gas Compression Power Packager Program. Enerflex’s worldwide customers will continue to experience first-class products, services and support through our participation in this program.”

Mr. Wilson noted, “The more access to service we can offer end users, by working closely with expert packaging companies like Enerflex, the more cost-effective our customers’ projects can be.”

About GE’s Distributed Power Business

GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power business is a leading provider of power equipment, engines and services focused on power generation at or near the point of use. Distributed Power’s product portfolio includes highly efficient industrial reciprocating engines and aeroderivative gas turbines that generate 100 kW to 100 MW of power for numerous industries globally. In addition, Distributed Power offers life cycle services and support for more than 37,000 distributed power products worldwide to help customers meet their business challenges—anywhere and anytime.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Distributed Power employs about 5,000 people around the world.

About Enerflex Ltd.

Enerflex Ltd. (TSX: EFX), is a single-source supplier for natural gas compression, oil and gas processing, refrigeration systems and power generation equipment— plus in-house engineering and mechanical services expertise. Their broad in-house resources give them the capability to engineer, design, manufacture, construct, commission and service hydrocarbon handling systems. Their expertise encompasses field production facilities, compression and natural gas processing plants, CO2 processing plants, refrigeration systems and electric power equipment servicing the natural gas production industry.

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Enerflex has approximately 3,400 employees worldwide. Enerflex, its subsidiaries, interests in associates and joint-ventures, operate in Canada, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.  

About GE Power & Water

GE Power & Water provides customers with a broad array of power generation, energy delivery and water process technologies to solve their challenges locally. Power & Water works in all areas of the energy industry including renewable resources such as wind and solar, biogas and alternative fuels; and coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy. The business also develops advanced technologies to help solve the world’s most complex challenges related to water availability and quality. Power & Water’s six business units include Distributed Power, Nuclear Energy, Power Generation Products, Power Generation Services, Renewable Energy and Water & Process Technologies. Headquartered in Schenectady, N.Y., Power & Water is GE’s largest industrial business.

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GE’s Distributed Power Launches New Gas Compression Power Packager Program