GE sets the industry standards for fuel rating measurement instruments.

Aviation Fuel Rating: CFR F4

Worldwide, more technicians rely on the Waukesha CFR F4 engine for the critical process of determining the supercharge octane ratings of aviation gasoline and aviation gasoline blending components.

FIT Cetane Rating

Optimizing engine performance and protection requires matching carefully defined fuel qualities to the specific needs of the engine.

Cetane Rating: CFR F5

The Waukesha CFR F5 engine is one of the world’s most widely used diesel fuel rating instruments for cetane number determination, and the only one that conforms to both ASTM D613 and ISO 5165 fuel specifications.

Octane Rating: CFR F1/F2

The Waukesha CFR F1/F2 engine is the most widely used instrument for octane number determination and the only one that conforms to both North American and European gasoline fuel specifications.