LM2500+ Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Package (38,909 BHP)

GE's LM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine package advances the proven performance of our LM2500 Base to yield more than 40,000 shaft horsepower using an upgraded compressor section with an added zero stage for increased flow and pressure ratio. With its improved design and materials, the LM2500+ is ideal for onshore and offshore mechanical drive and power generation in plant, pipeline, platform, and marine applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Available for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz applications
  • 25% more power than the LM2500 Base
  • Full power within 10 minutes
  • Direct drive for power generations
  • Variable speed for mechanical drive
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Dual fuel capability for distillate or natural gas
  • Easy onsite maintenance with compact, modular design and construction

Basic Specifications

  • TURBINE SPEED: 3,600 rpm

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