LM6000-PH DLE Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Package (67,081 BHP)

The LM6000-PH aeroderivative gas turbine package with dry low emissions control can provide power in the 50 megawatt range with industry-leading efficiencies more than 54%. Designed with attention to commonalities between the 50 and 60 Hz packages, this innovative solution allows you to benefit from a worldwide base of proven experience. Like the LM6000-PG, the LM6000-PH can reduce fuel consumption by the equivalent of 33,000 barrels of oil per year compared to similar aeroderivative solutions in its class. And its advanced DLE 2.0 technology reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 38,400 metric tons in a typical operating year.

Features & Benefits

  • Optional SPRINT package with enhanced power and efficiency
  • Five-minute fast start and full power within 10 minutes
  • Excellent dispatch availability and reliability
  • Reduced CO2 emission by more than 38,000 metric tons per year
  • Reduced NOx emission and associated fuel consumption with DLE system
  • Cycling capability with no negative impact on operating intervals
  • Direct drive for 50 Hz and 60 Hz power generation and variable speed for mechanical drive
  • Quick installation and easy onsite maintenance with compact, modular design and construction

Basic Specifications

  • EFFICIENCY: +54%
  • TURBINE SPEED: 3,900 rpm

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