LM6000 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Packages (48,371 - 85,920 BHP)


Derived from the CF6-80C2 aircraft engine, GE’s LM6000 gas turbine family employs proven advanced emissions technology, package flexibility, and diverse fuel capabilities that distinguish its ability to serve a broad spectrum of energy users. Providing power in the 40-56 megawatt range with up to 42% efficiency and 99% fleet reliability, the dual-rotor, direct-drive LM6000 offers a flexible, compact design for utility, industrial, and oil & gas applications.

Since its introduction in 1992, more than 1,000 units have accumulated over 21 million operating hours worldwide—that’s more than four times more service than all other competing gas turbines in its class combined. With fast ramp rates, 10-minute starts, cycling and load following capability, high efficiency, and modular maintenance, the LM6000 has been one of the top selling gas turbines in its class for more than two decades.

LM6000 SPRINT Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Series

Distinct from most gas turbines, the LM6000 SPRINT series is primarily controlled by the compressor discharge temperature instead of the turbine inlet temperature, allowing some of the compressor discharge air to be used to cool high-pressure turbine components. SPRINT—spray inter-cooled turbine—technology reduces compressor discharge temperature, allowing advancement of the throttle to significantly enhance power and improve thermal efficiency. The LM6000 SPRINT system is composed of atomized water injection at both low-pressure compressor (LPC) and high-pressure compressor (HPC) inlet plenums.  Injection is accomplished with the eighth stage of a high-pressure compressor bleeding air to feed two manifolds and sets of spray nozzles, where the water droplets are sufficiently atomized before injection at both LPC and HPC inlet plenums.

With five-minute fast start and full power within 10 minutes, our LM6000 SPRINT series provides excellent dispatch availability and reliability, while significantly reducing CO2 and NOx emissions. SPRINT packages are well-suited for both direct drive power generation at 50 Hz and 60 Hz and variable speed for mechanical drive. And its compact modular design allows for quick installation and easy onsite maintenance.

Available LM6000 SPRINT Gas Turbine Packages



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