The Clean Cycle

GE’s Clean Cycle* generator converts heat – from a variety of different sources – into electricity. The conversion process, called the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) requires no additional fuel input and produces no additional emissions.

The Clean Cycle solution builds on GE’s 100+ year legacy of innovative power generation technology and has demonstrated consistent, reliable performance on a multitude of heat sources and operating conditions. Below are a few key highlights of the technology:

Cleaner Energy: An average Clean Cycle containerized solution generates 100 kW of emission free, fuel free power, equivalent to the electricity use of 100 EU households.

Scalable: Units can be scaled from 50 kW net electrical output to greater than 1 MW by using multiple units.

Re-deployable: The Clean Cycle is heat source agnostic. It can run on – and even be moved to – just about any heat source of sufficient temperature and flow rate.

Plug and Play: The Clean Cycle solution arrives with generator, controls, power electronics, and software all built-in and ready to be paired to a heat source.

Reduced Maintenance: The turbine generator is on magnetic bearings and contained within a hermetically sealed unit, so there is no oil, lubricants, overhauls, or manned operation required.

Proven: More than 400,000 operating hours across a fleet of over 100 units in the field.

Features & Benefits

  • One unit generates up to 140 kW of electricity (gross) from ~1 MW of heat input.
  • Runs entirely on heat - no incremental fuel is required, and no additional emissions are generated.
  • Increases the efficiency and output of reciprocating engines, gas turbines, and other power generators.
  • Variable speed and power to run continuously on changing quantities of heat input.
  • Power electronics automatically match the grid frequency, making it simple to sell the power or offset local power usage.
  • Non-flammable, benign working fluid.


The experienced team in GE’s Distributed Power business has designed the Clean Cycle solution, which comes in pre-assembled modules, to be flexible for an array of heat sources yet standardized for simple installation. Below are the four standardized modules that are selected for the specific site requirements:

  • The Heat Capture Module (HCM) redirects the heat energy from the exhaust stream and transfers it to a pressurized water loop, which then transfers heat to the Clean Cycle.
  • Heat Capture Module (HTM) is a pre-piped and assembled package that controls and pumps the pressurized water from the HCM to the Clean Cycle generator.
  • The Clean Cycle skid is the heart of the complete heat to power package. The heat delivered by the HTM turns the Clean Cycle’s working fluid into a pressurized vapor. The vapor enters the Integrated Power Module (IPM), which generates electricity that is conditioned by the power electronics on the Clean Cycle skid.
  • The Heat Rejection Module (HRM) completes the cycle by removing heat from the working fluid and condensing it from vapor back into a liquid.

* Trademark of the General Electric Company

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