LM6000-PC Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Package (43-50 MW)

GE's LM6000-PC aeroderivative gas turbine package showcases our commitment to clean energy with a fuel flexibility beyond traditional fossil fuels--an aeroderivative gas turbine that can run on one of the cleanest forms of bio-fuel, Brazilian sugarcane ethanol. Instead of using diesel fuel, the LM6000-PC running on ethanol can generate equivalent power while reducing NOx, CO2, and SO2 emissions as well as diluent water consumption.

Environmental Benefits

  • Eliminate 100% of sulfur dioxide emission, approximately 73 metric tons
  • Avoid 6,500 metric tons of CO2 emission, equivalent to the output of over 1,800 cars
  • Avoid approximately 3.3 metric tons of NOx emission
  • Reduce water consumption by approximately 20 million liters

Key Features

  • Optional SPRINT package with enhanced power and efficiency
  • Available for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz applications
  • Full power within 10 minutes
  • 12% more power than the standard 50 Hz LM6000
  • 30% power output increase at 90°F (32°C) ambient temperature
  • Enhanced heat rate across the ambient temperature range
  • Improved exhaust conditions for combined cycle applications
  • Base-load, cycling, and peaking operation
  • Quick installation and easy onsite maintenance with compact, modular design and construction

Basic Specifications

  • POWER RANGE: 43-50 MW
  • EFFICIENCY: +41% in simple cycle; +52% in combined cycle
  • TURBINE SPEED: 3,600 rpm

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