GE's distributed power products range from 120 kW-100 MW ...

... featuring fast, flexible and reliable aeroderivative gas turbines and gas engines ...

... fueled by liquid and gaseous fuels with efficiencies up to 95 %.

616 Diesel engines (2550 kW)

GE's 616 diesel generator set addresses your most critical application challenges with advanced reciprocating engine technology -- helping your business become even more efficient and productive. It combines and enhances the proven technology of the Jenbacher J616 gas engine with the P616 locomotive diesel engine from GE Transportation.

The 2.6 MW 616 diesel engine has been designed for higher efficiency, more reliability and technology excellence.

Better performance with more reliable, efficient power

The 616 generator set is powered by a four-stroke, turbocharged high-speed common rail diesel engine that offers lower fuel consumption, high power density and long overhaul intervals. It can be complemented with advanced diagnostic and prognostic service capabilities for more reliable and efficient electrical generation.

1. The 616 diesel common rail engine is equipped with an engine controller, engine coolant pumps and temperature controls.

2. The 616 generator set is equipped with a frame-mounted engine/generator and generator controls.

  • Improved fuel consumption of 188g/kWh 
  • Stable power output and reliable opeation in most demanding ambient condition
  • Extended maintenance intervals and product life
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Full plant flexibility & scalability available through multiple-engine installation

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