Waukesha 275GL+ (2330 - 3480 kW)

Designed to demanding specifications of the gas compression industry, GE’s Waukesha* 275GL+* Enginator is the right choice for rugged oilfield power generation and associated gas applications. A unique combination of robust construction and innovative technology, the 275GL+ lean-burn engine delivers best-in-class fuel flexibility, power output and emissions for unmatched performance.

The 275GL+ features Waukesha’s ESM* control, which integrates engine functionality into a single, closed-loop system with direct NOx measurement. Key components such as the oil filters, oil cooler, pre-lube pump, and jacket water and auxiliary thermostats have been mounted on the engine, simplifying the packaging process and skid layout.

Features & Benefits

  • More power in more unconventional gas applications, including full-load down to 600 Btu/ft3 and operation up to 2300 Btu/ft3.
  • The 275GL+ delivers superior power output and efficiency that directly impact the bottom line. The 16-cylinder model is rated 4835 bhp (3605 kWb), with the 12-cylinder version rated 3625 bhp (2720 kWb).
  • The 275GL+ and its fuel-efficiency advantage provide low unburned methane—a greenhouse gas that has 21 times the effect of CO2—minimizing its carbon footprint and effect on the environment.
  • The Engine System Manager (ESM) dramatically reduces on-site setup time and requirements, saving days on commissioning and adding years to engine life.

Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to building innovative solutions for today’s environmental challenges. The 275GL+ meets this commitment with industry-leading emissions levels, efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. Learn more

* Trademark of the General Electric Company

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