Waukesha VHP (315 - 1600 kW)

Built for dependability, longevity and durability, VHP* engines have been working in natural gas production applications for over 40 years. The versatile, gaseous-fueled VHP* Series is available in 6-, 12- and 16-cylinder configurations with both rich-burn and lean-combustion systems.

See GE's Waukesha* gas engines Service Support microsite for more information about services provided.

Features & Benefits

  • Low emissions across varying applications.
  • Hot fuel tolerant.
  • Wide turn down range available (700 – 1200 rpm).
  • High altitude capability.
  • Extended service intervals.
  • Reliable, continuous operation.


GE's Waukesha VHP Series of engines are available in 6-, 12- and 16-cylinder configurations and are offered as either a bare engine or custom-packaged Waukesha Enginator* generator set for a variety of applications, including gas compression, mechanical pump drive and oilfield power generation.

Series Four*

Waukesha's Series Four gas engines are known for their ability to reliably produce more power on the hottest field gases, at high altitudes in remote locations, all while delivering the lowest available emissions when paired with a 3-way catalyst (NSCR).

Lower NOx levels allow more onsite horsepower while still meeting site tonnage requirements and can simplify the permitting process. Other benefits include a small carbon footprint and low formaldehyde emissions.

* Trademark of the General Electric Company

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