Gas Gathering/Wellhead

February 07, 2013

Today natural gas accounts for 23% of the world’s energy consumption and usage is growing. Getting this abundant, environmentally friendly fuel into the global energy stream requires compressing it for efficient handling....

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GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbines Tapped for Independent Power Project in Myanmar

December 11, 2012

YANGON CITY, MYANMAR—December 11, 2012—GE (NYSE: GE) aeroderivative gas turbine technology has been selected for one of the first projects in Myanmar since the U.S. government recently lifted sanctions on U.S. investment in the country....

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GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbines to Provide Fast Power to Turkmenistan.

September 10, 2013

ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN—September 10, 2013—Helping to meet Turkmenistan’s growing power requirements, GE (NYSE: GE) will provide its aeroderivative gas turbine technology to Çalık Enerji, one of the leading energy companies established...

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GE Agreement to Help Power Russia Sakhalin Island

June 27, 2013

MOSCOW—March 5, 2013—GE (NYSE: GE) and the Sakhalin provincial government today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together in developing power generation projects to meet the future energy needs of Sakhalin Island, off the east...

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GE and Clarke Energy to Supply Jenbacher Engines to Tropical Power for First Renewable Biogas Power Project in Sub-Saharan Africa

June 18, 2013

JENBACH, AUSTRIA—June 18, 2013—Showcasing the growing role of distributed power technologies to meet Africa’s energy needs, GE (NYSE: GE) is supplying U.K.-based energy project developer Clarke Energy with two of its ecomaginationqualified...

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GE and Houweling’s Tomatoes Unveil the First Greenhouse Combined Heat and Power Project in the US with Carbon Dioxide Fertilization

August 22, 2012

CAMARILLO, CALIF.—August 22, 2012—GE (NYSE: GE) and its customer Houweling’s Tomatoes, a leading North American greenhouse grower, today unveiled the first combined heat and power (CHP) greenhouse project in America that captures carbon...

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GE and Rosneft Sign MOU to Jointly Pursue Opportunities in Russia Oil and Gas Industry

August 19, 2013

MOSCOW, RUSSIA—GE (NYSE: GE) and OJSC Rosneft, a leader in Russia’s petroleum industry, today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that lays the foundation for the two companies to jointly evaluate and develop commercial opportunities...

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GE and Sonelgaz Affiliate, SPE, Sign Contracts Valued at $2.7 Billion to Help Power Algeria

September 23, 2013

ALGIERS, ALGERIA—September 23, 2013 —Marking some of its largest power agreements in company history, GE (NYSE: GE) today announced three contracts totaling approximately $2.7 billion with SPE, an affiliate of Sonelgaz—Algeria’s national electricity...

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GE Announces Largest North American Power Project for Its 60-Hertz J920 FleXtra Gas Engine Technology.

September 30, 2014

AUSTIN, TEXAS—September 30, 2014—GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE) today announced that it has signed a contract to provide Sky Global Partners, LLC (Sky Global) with its Jenbacher gas engine technology along with a...

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GE Announces Latest Flex-Aero Technology Now Available to Far East Customers

October 03, 2012

BANGKOK—October 3, 2012—GE (NYSE: GE) today announced that its newest FlexAero* LMS100-PB technology is now available for customers in the Far East. The LMS100-PB is a 100-megawatt (MW) aeroderivative gas turbine that can operate independently...

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GE Celebrates 20 Years of Powering Progress with its LM6000 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine

June 27, 2013

HOUSTON—June 17, 2013—GE (NYSE: GE) is celebrating 20 years of powering progress around the world with its innovative LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine. GE announced the global technology milestone today at two major power industry events: the...

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GE Celebrates 90 Years of Gas Engines and 33,000 Delivered Units for Growing Distributed Power Business.

October 08, 2014

NEW ORLEANS—October 8, 2014—GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE) today announced the milestone of shipping its 33,000th gas engine since first being produced 90 years ago in 1924. The milestone was celebrated in conjunction...

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GE Demonstrates More than 50 Percent Electrical Efficiency on Its 10-MW Gas Engine Platform

March 05, 2015

JENBACH, AUSTRIA—March 5, 2015—Demonstrating once again its leadership in the field of reciprocating engine innovation used to meet the rapidly growing demand for reliable on-site power, GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power business (NYSE:...

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GE Distributed Power and Clarke Energy Driving Coal Seam Gas-to-LNG Expansion in Australia.

May 27, 2014

JENBACH, AUSTRIA—May 27, 2014—GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE) today announced Clarke Energy, GE’s Jenbacher gas engine authorized distributor for Australia, has been selected to supply Australia Pacific LNG with 19...

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GE Distributed Power and Navigat Sign Southeast Asia Gas Engine Supply and Service Agreements.

February 25, 2014

JAKARTA, INDONESIA—February 25, 2014—Demonstrating the growth potential for its new Distributed Power business, GE (NYSE: GE) today announced it is nearly finished supplying Navigat Energy Pte Ltd. with 100 gas engines for on-site power projects...

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GE Distributed Power, Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio

July 03, 2013

GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power is a leading provider of power equipment, engines and services, focused on power generation at or near the point of use.  Distributed Power’s product portfolio includes highly efficient industrial...

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GE Enables Mississippi’s First Landfill Gas-to-Electricity Project to Support Region’s Grid

October 11, 2011

STARKVILLE, MISS.—October 11, 2011—With Mississippi looking to produce more domestic energy from renewable resources, government officials, utility and GE (NYSE: GE) representatives gathered today at the Golden Triangle Regional Landfill in...

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GE Expands Distributed Power Presence in Brazil’s Offshore Sector.

April 14, 2014

São Paulo, BRAZIL—April 10, 2014—Expanding its role as a leading energy technology supplier for Brazil’s offshore oil and gas sector, GE’s (NYSE: GE) Distributed Power business today announced it will supply four additional LM2500+G4

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GE Gas Engine Hits Milestone: More than 50,000 Hours of Turning Biogas into Power for German Brewery

August 16, 2012

BITBURG, GERMANY—August 16, 2012—Powered by GE (NYSE: GE) gas engine technology, a combined heat and power (CHP) plant at Germany’s Bitburger Brauerei (brewery) has surpassed 50,000 hours of successful operation. Based on an...

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GE Gas Engine Technology Chosen for Distributed Power Generation Projects in Pennsylvania.

August 13, 2014

WEXFORD, PA.—August 13, 2014—GE’s Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE) announced today that it will provide its Jenbacher gas engine technology to IMG Midstream of Wexford, Pennsylvania, for two 20-megawatt (MW) projects serving the PJM...

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