Cetane Rating

Diesel engine operators can fill their tanks with confidence that the diesel fuel they are using meets its advertised cetane number rating and is safe for their engines – because of technology pioneered by GE’s Waukesha* gas engines. The Waukesha CFR F5 engine is one of the most widely used fuel rating instruments in the world for cetane number determination and the only one that conforms to both ASTM D613 and ISO 5165 diesel fuel specifications.

How It Works

The cetane number (CN) is a measure of the combustion quality of diesel fuel and one of the key measurements of overall diesel fuel quality. The cetane number is determined by running the fuel in a single-cylinder Waukesha CFR F5 test engine using the ASTM International D613 Standard Test Method.

The cetane number measures ignition delay - the time between the start of ignition and the start of fuel combustion.  Higher cetane fuels have shorter ignition delay periods than lower cetane fuels.

The operator uses a hand-wheel to increase pressure within the engine cylinder until the time between fuel injection and ignition is 2.407 ms. 

The test fuel’s cetane number is then established by determining which reference fuel mixture of hexadecane and isocetane will result in the same ignition delay. 

Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly operation: Robust, easy to set up system with multiple automatic controls.
  • Efficient operation: Fuel flow rates, injection timing and compression ratios all may be adjusted while unit is operating.
  • Automatic data recording and graphic report generation: Preserves data integrity and allows direct data access, data sharing and archiving.
  • Fully integrated digital controls for safe operation: Robust protection. Integrated shutdown system, visual status with alarms, automatic event log.
  • Electronic maintenance log: Easily record oil changes, carbon blasting, cylinder installation and routine maintenance.
  • Full range of diesel fuel testing: Compression ratio range of 8:1 to 36:1. 

* Trademark of the General Electric Company

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