Derived Cetane Rating

Optimizing engine performance and protection requires matching defined fuel qualities to the specific needs of the engine. GE’s Waukesha* gas engines pioneered the CFR fuel rating technology more than 80 years ago and its fuel rating units remain the most widely used in the world. Among Waukesha’s fuel rating products is the FIT fuel ignition test unit, which conforms to ASTM D 7170 and IP 567 for determining the derived cetane number for diesel fuels.  

How It Works

Using a constant volume combustion chamber (CVCC) equipped with sensors that collect data during the ignition and combustion phase, the FIT unit simulates the conditions of the combustion process of an actual diesel engine.

The operator fills the sample reservoir and initiates the operation from the computer screen.

The combustion chamber is pressurized and heated to a specific temperature. The fuel is injected and ignites under pressure in the chamber.

The time from ignition to the start of combustion defines the ignition delay, and subsequently the derived cetane number (DCN) value of the fuel.

The test result is equivalent to the cetane number as measured by the Waukesha CFR diesel fuel cetane rating engine.  

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and accurate:  Automated injection timing, compression ratio adjustment, fuel flow measurement and reference fuel blending shortens cycle time to 20 minutes, requires less operator involvement, improves accuracy and reduces reference fuel costs.
  • Automated calculations: Software controls process to determine the derived cetane number with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability and no evidence of memory effect.
  • Simple calibration on readily-available reference materials.
  • Space-saving design: Compact, portable desktop unit. 
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Ideal combustion technology research tool for oil refinery and independent testing labs, and engine manufacturers. 

* Trademark of the General Electric Company

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