Blowers are used in a wide range of processes that are integral to mining, the manufacturing, petrochemical and food processing industries and utility operation. These processes, which require large flows of air or gases, include ventilation, dust collection, drying, heat treatment and testing processes. Waukesha* gas engines or aeroderivative gas turbines, such as those manufactured by GE, are often used to power blowers used in waste treatment plant operations.

How It Works

A blower is typically a centrifugal fan that moves air or other gases. It uses the centrifugal power generated by the rotation of the impellers to increase the pressure of the gases and force them through the blower.

In waste treatment plant applications, blowers driven by engines like those manufactured by Waukesha gas engines may be used in various stages of the treatment process.

In waste treatment plants equipped with digesters, gas engines that drive blowers have the added benefit of being able to operate on renewable gases produced by the digester.
In addition, heat from the engine may be captured and used at various points in the treatment process.

GE’s portfolio of Waukesha gas engines or aeroderivative gas turbines for mechanical drive applications offers multiple options to address individual operational needs and widely varying local emissions requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Emissions flexibility: Distributed Power technology meets most local air quality regulations.
  • Reduced energy waste: Using “waste” engine or turbine (exhaust) heat for other processes can further lower energy and operating costs.
  • Variable speed capability: An engine’s wide turndown range handles partial-load blower operation more efficiently than an electric motor.
  • Reduced costs: Gas engines can reduce operating costs in a sewage treatment plant by running on gas produced at the site.
  • Total engine control: GE’s Waukesha ESM* fully integrated control and diagnostics system optimizes engine performance and maximizes uptime.

* Trademark of the General Electric Company

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