Pumps are used in a wide variety of mission-critical applications where dependable performance can literally be a matter of life and death – from providing municipal drinking water to flood control and wastewater treatment, irrigating farmland, and pumping crude oil and a wide variety of liquids in vital industrial processes. For many of these applications, the pumps are driven by  Waukesha* natural gas engines or aeroderivative gas turbines such as those manufactured by GE.

How it Works

Engine or turbine-driven pumps may operate continuously in municipal water and sewage treatment utilities, oil production sites and various industrial processes, or they may be needed only intermittently for irrigation or in emergencies, such as for flood control after a major storm.
With a variable speed capability and wide turndown range, a gas engine can vary a pump’s flow rate to meet changing operating needs.

GE’s Waukesha gas engines and aeroderivative gas turbines provide dependable pumping power independent of electrical power sources and are a reliable back-up for electric pumps.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable: GE’s Waukesha gas engines and aeroderivative gas turbines are designed and built to perform dependably in mission-critical applications.
  • Reduced costs: Gas engines can reduce operating costs significantly compared to electric motor-driven pumps by reducing peak demand charges.
  • Reduced energy waste: “Waste” engine or turbine (exhaust) heat is used for other processes, lowering energy and operating costs, and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Emissions flexibility: Distributed Power offers technology options to meet most local air quality mandates.
  • Lower emissions per horsepower: Rich-burn Waukesha gas engines with 3-way-catalyst enable more horsepower per site for more productivity and profit.
  • Total engine control: GE’s Waukesha ESM* fully integrated control and diagnostics system optimizes engine performance and maximizes uptime.
  • Variable speed capability: An engine’s wide turndown range handles partial-load pump operation more efficiently than an electric motor.
* Trademark of the General Electric Company

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