GE’s distributed power solutions provide businesses and communities the ability to generate reliable and efficient power anywhere, anytime—whether on or off the grid.

Our products cover power generation, compression and mechanical and heat recovery applications from 120 kW-100 MW...

... featuring fast, flexible and reliable aeroderivative gas turbines and gas engines fueled by gaseous fuels with efficiencies up to 95%.


ecomagination The disposal and treatment of biological waste are major challenges for many industries.

CO2 Fertilization

When used in greenhouses, GE’s Jenbacher combined heat and power (CHP) systems not only provide electricity for the public grid, but also heat and carbon dioxide (CO2) to fertilize plants and meet the requirements of an efficient greenhouse.

Coal Mine Gas

ecomagination Released methane gas from underground coal mines forms a highly explosive mixture when combined with air.


ecomagination Cogeneration systems—also called combined heat and power (CHP) systems—are designed to generate both heat and power.

Landfill Gas

ecomagination Created during the decomposition of organic substances, landfill gas consists of methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

Mobile and Emergency Power

During an emergency or a period of intense growth, you need rapid, highly mobile power generation to quickly bridge the power gap.

Oilfield Power Generation

Because oilfield operations often unlock plentiful natural gas supplies, GE offers power generation solutions that put that low cost fuel to use to help power oil and gas production sites across the globe.

Sewage Gas

Converting Sewage Gas to Energy in Wastewater Treatment Plants GE Power & Water’s Jenbacher gas engines provide the solution to the rising energy costs that wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operators have had to pay to meet their discharge permit requirements.

Steel Gas

Rising energy costs and a high demand for power are major challenges for the steel industry.


Combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) systems—also called trigeneration systems—are the combination of cogeneration plants and absorption chillers.