Mobile and Emergency Power

During an emergency or a period of intense growth, you need rapid, highly mobile power generation to quickly bridge the power gap. GE delivers fast, temporary expanded power through a variety of gas engine and aeroderivative gas turbine solutions, including our PowerXpand* portfolio.

GE's PowerXpand portfolio consists of the three generator sets: TM2500+ trailer-mounted aeroderivative gas turbine; containerized Jenbacher J320 gas engine; and 12V228 diesel engine.

How It Works

Due to their smaller sizes and GE’s ability to rapidly ship, build and commission these technologies, our distributed power solutions are well-suited to respond to a variety of scenarios demanding rapid power generation. The PowerXpand portfolio delivers fast, efficient, flexible, and reliable power when and where you need it, including:

  • Helping countries reach electrification goals
  • Providing bridge power solutions for growing demand
  • Bringing power to remote areas
  • Responding quickly to emergency power situations
  • Generating backup power to support maintenance, overhauls or outages at power plants or large-scale projects/events

Features and Benefits

  • Rapidly portable. Trailer-mounted systems respond to the need for fast or mobile power, and can be transported globally by ship, air, or road.
  • Wide range of applications. Our solutions provide scalable power output from 1 MW to 31 MW, and are easily converted from 50 Hz to 60 Hz.
  • Efficient and reliable. These products offer operational flexibility, high efficiency, superb reliability, and low emissions.
  • Fuel flexibility. Units can operate on natural gas or liquid distillate fuels.
  • Fast startup and cycling. Units can achieve full power in less than 10 minutes, and offer excellent short cycle capability.
  • Rapid installation. Fast, seamless installation and commissioning allow for operation soon after arrival.
  • Easy operation/maintenance. Rugged and reliable units offer proven availability, long service intervals, and maintenance-friendly design.
  • Business flexibility. Units are available for both rental and sale.

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