Steel Gas

Rising energy costs and a high demand for power are major challenges for the steel industry. Gases created as “free” by-products during steel production processes serve as an attractive option for efficient power generation. In addition to the economic benefit these gases provide, using them as engine fuel reduces industrial CO2 emissions and saves natural energy sources. GE offers specially modified Jenbacher gas engines that make efficient use of three different steel gases—coke gas, blast furnace gas, and converter gas—for combined generation of heat and electricity, while managing the gases’ varying compositions.

GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines product line also has a coke gas solution that achieves full power in 10 minutes and has a lightweight, durable and modular design.

Features & Benefits

  • Alternative disposal of a problem gas while simultaneously harnessing it as an energy source
  • Reduced energy costs, and greater predictability and stability
  • Efficient and economic combined heat and electricity supply
  • High electrical efficiency compared to other power generation technology (e.g., steam or gas turbines)
  • Full power in 10 minutes
  • Best suited for an electrical output range of a few hundred kW up to 20 to 30 MW
  • Considerably low gas pressure required
  • Reduced greenhouse gas
  • Long intervals between overhauls, due to simple, high-quality construction

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